About Us


Paresh Dedhia, a complete newcomer to the field of garments, put in all his energies and ventured into garment manufacture in the year 1992. He made a humble begining with just three people but very soon he realised the immense scope for branded garments and thus launched his very own bottomwear brand 'DARE' in the year 1995.


DARE JEANS an attitude packed, stylish bottomwear brand for men.


DARE does a complete justification for men's bottomwear. It explores formals, casuals and jeans. To ensure the best quality, the fabrics are sourced from reputed mills such as Raymonds, Arvind Mills, Vardhaman, Ashima etc.


Standing by it's service, stock & quality principles, for the last one decade, DARE has developed a wide spread of network. DARE has nearly 700 retail counters across the country including Mumbai, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Utter Pradesh marketed through it's distributor's network.

Taste, Art & Fashion : These words are the epitome of creativity communicating one's identity in a bold & striking manner. Enjoying being creative in colour & shape, being the prime motive of the DARE JEANS, they have excelled through the thicks & thins of a lively struggle to reach the destination where they are today.
DARE JEANS for exclusive Jeans wear, established by Mr.Paresh Dedhia in 1995. With a space of 7000 sq.ft. area , working unit of 40 to 50 machines & a staff of 80-90 workers the company has achieved volumes of success . Their product capacity is six lakhs pieces per annum.They are having a refilling system. They manufacture Basic denims, Fashion Denims, Basic Cotton Casuals etc. They specialised in Designer Jeans. DARE JEANS entered the Garment Industry in India with the specialised in Men's Jeans wear with the age group of 21 years & above. Creativity & rich form a base of DARE JEANS. Design are more elegent & more simple, yet graceful. DARE JEANS appears to be uniquely wonderful in capturing the very essence of menswear by creating a fashion They have offfice at Sewri.